Simplify enrollment and HR tasks with the FBC Ease Online Benefit Management Portal​

FBC Ease vastly reduces paperwork and time spent administering employee enrollment, making the process fast and streamlined. Employees make smart decisions on their benefits, putting them in the driver’s seat. All information is housed in one easy to understand and administer online portal for both group administrators and employees.

Make Open Enrollment a breeze with online access for employees who review plan options and costs, comparing benefits side by side from the office or at home. Employees enter their information one time in the portal, choose benefits and sign forms all on the screen. Administrators can track employee progress and print enrollment forms all from the FBC Ease portal. Enrollment errors are vastly reduced, and forms are always legible.

Onboard new employees all in one place, collecting required forms and personal information as well as benefit choices from the portal. Enrollment changes, additions and terminations can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Watch the video below to learn how FBC Ease can simplify your enrollment and HR tasks.