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Steps To Determining Plan Feasibility

Cost Reduction and Coverage Enhancement

First Benefits Corporation will compare your current insurance program to similar programs available in the commercial marketplace. We can often develop methods and techniques to cut costs and make changes without sacrificing quality. You will receive a report that provides knowledgeable answers to critical questions, such as:

Can we keep the same plan and reduce the cost?
If we make changes how will they affect our rates?
How does our current plan compare to the world?

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Most of the above can be incorporated into a new or existing Section 125 “Cafeteria” Plan; many are also available with no employer contributions required.

Due Diligence-Research and Analysis Services

Acquisition groups and turnaround practitioners enlist First Benefits Corporation to help them better determine the current and potential future value of a business concern. We provide our clients with a summary of the direct costs of an overall insurance program. With this information, decision-makers are equipped with pertinent facts that are often overlooked or undiscovered by less capable parties involved in the purchase, sale or turnaround of a business.

Insurance Availability and Capacity

First Benefits Corporation makes every effort to identify, investigate and report all existing difficult to insure or uninsurable situations. These situations are seldom volunteered or disclosed during negotiations, yet their short and long term effects can be significant. Examples include: